Is there any better DVD media than Taiyo Yuden?

I have owned both the Plextor PX-708A and the PX-712A. Once the PX-716A hits the market I will probably upgrade to that drive.

I have noticed that the list of recommended media for the 712 is not the same as the list of recommended media for the 708. This would be a problem for serial upgraders like myself. Let’s say I stock up on a bunch of 8X Verbatim media for my 708 and then upgrade to the 712. Now I am stuck with a bunch of media while recommended for the 708 is only compatible with the 712. Lord knows how well the media will work with the 716.

Here are my questions to you:

Is there any better, more consistent media available than Taiyo Yuden?

What is the best CD-R media, in your opinion?

What is the best DVD+R media, in your opinion?


Bob Shem

There’s no reason to think the Verbatim 8x media won’t work well with the 712 just because it isn’t on the recommended list. Here are some kprobe scans of 8x media burned on the 712A:
As you can see, the Mitsubishi (Verbatim) media burned just fine. As for your questions about Taiyo Yuden, I don’t think you’ll find any media (CD or DVD) that is consistently better. That isn’t to say that it burns the best on all drives, but it should burn well on most of them.

There’s no reason to think the Verbatim 8x media won’t work well with the 712 just because it isn’t on the recommended list

I have come across a few spindle’s where there have been 2 type’s of 8X in a Verbatim cake of disc, where as they will burn @ 8x(except some didnt in the 708A) and some will burn @ 12X. Plextor took the 8X off of there recommended list for a reason, and also change the 8X verbatim as not being able to push to the 12X…

I do understand that if it says 8X as the media code and it burns as a 8X then there shouldn’t be anything to complain about, but that is the reason I no longer buy the 8X verbatim and only TY 8X so I can use the full speed of my 712.

I have to agree that there is actually no media thats really better than Taiyo Yuden. Thats for both the production quality and the burning results they produce. I have tested so many different media types and none of them came even close to the TYs.


I have a Plextor PX708A DVD-Recorder (4X -R and 8X +R). My question is if anyone else has written DVDs at speeds greater than 8X generally. Because I am not sure if at 16X for example the system will stand the speed without entering buffer underrun process.

I say that beacuse I have a P4 2.4GHz, 512MB, 80GB HD which is quite decent, and when I write at 8X I see that that the data rate is quite high and my PC makes a lot of effort to succed in this speed without buffer underrun…

Is this true that for 16X DVD recording one should own a Serial ATA equipped PC? And finally, will a 16X speed DVD recording be reliable? Because some people say that at high speeds there are more errors…So whats the benefit of having the companies raising the speeds if it is so…

Some manufacturers have taken this into account. For example, Pioneer with its A08/108, and Liteon with its 1213 and 1633 drives, use DMA 66 interfaces. Thus doubling the bandwidth. Benq has used Multi Word DMA 33 (basically the same thing as DMA 66 if your hard drive controller supports it).