Is there any better DVD media than Taiyo Yuden?

I have owned both the PX-708A and the PX-712A. Once the PX-716A hits the market I will probably upgrade to that drive.

I have noticed that the list of recommended media for the 712 is not the same as the list of recommended media for the 708. This would be a problem for serial upgraders like myself. Let’s say I stock up on a bunch of 8X Verbatim media for my 708 and then upgrade to the 712. Now I am stuck with a bunch of media while recommended for the 708 is only compatible with the 712. Lord knows how well the media will work with the 716.

Here are my questions to you:

Is there any better, more consistent media available than Taiyo Yuden?

What is the best CD-R media, in your opinion?

What is the best DVD+R media, in your opinion?


Bob Shem

You may wanna ask that question over in the Media forum, instead of the Plextor forum

oops sorry

Hamp, thanks for the link. I honestly didnot know about it. There are good readings in the media forum and media faq. Anyway, the “master” there (OC-Freak, pointed out that Plextor (his 708A) is useless because it’s very picky. Well we are here in this forum to share problems and “forward” it to plextor as a proposal to fix it. But as I said in firmware 1.04 thread, I think plextor ignore us.

LOL@ 708a being picky with dvd media. As I’ve mentioned before if you use the RECOMMENDED BRANDS OF DVD MEDIA that PLEXTOR supports there should be no problems. For me I’ve had no problems with using the RECOMMENDED BRANDS. Using the COMPATIBLE BRANDS is another story because those brands are listed there for a reason and there is no guarantee that they will work on the 708A drive.

As for VERBATIM media for 712, it is a known fact that they were taken off the RECOMMENDED BRAND LIST because Plextor supposedly was in talks with VERBATIM to get the media to work. I’m assuming it wasn’t worked out so Plextor took it off the RECOMMENDED list.

TAIYO YUDEN AND MAXELL MXLG01 or MXLG02 is the best dvd media.
Basic rule of thumb is use the brands of media and software that will work for you. :slight_smile: