Is there any advantage in SATA drives over IDE ones?

Hi everyone,

I currently have a SCSI Plextor 4012 CD Writer and a Pioneer 108 DVD writer.

Had a bit of a mishap yesterday and dropped some CDs on the opened tray of my Plex! D’oh!! The result is it is not very happy with me… and indeed, non functioning.

I do more CD work than DVD stuff. So think I might upgrade to a Plextor 760 to cover all the options.

However, as I’ve got an - as yet - unused STA connector on my motherboard, thought I might see if there are any obvious advantages using a SATA drive over the IDE ones.

Or does a SATA drive just cost more for no extra return?

Thanks very much,


It isn’t possible for there to be any performance advantage, as 16x is 16x. However, SATA offers the advantages of smaller cabling and no master/slave jumpering to worry about.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I’ve got 3 hard drives a DVD writer and my unhappy Plextor, so by replacing the Pioneer with the Plextor 760, I won’t have to do much rooking around inside my PC - so I’ll stick with what I know!

Appreciate you taking the time to help!

Best wishes,