Is there any advantage in ND 2500A over the 2510A?

Is there any reason to prefer the old model over the newer one (appart from the price, which is very close now).
What about firmwares?
Can the 2510A be flashed with all those Herrie’s modded firmwares that are available for the 2500A?
If I flash one of these firmwares, may I flash back to the original 2510A version?

For DL (double layer) recording the ND2510a should be better, its hand picked, tweaked for the job. DL recording may be possible on a firmware upgraded ND2500a for the small difference in price it would be safer to purchase the 2510a if you intend to use DL recording.

Yes the 5210a can be flashed with Herrie’s firmware and works very well.

If you buy the 2510 you have also warranty, if you flash the 2500@2510 you lose the warranty.

is it true that the 2510 is “hand picked”? then, the hardware is not totally identical to the 2500A.
Is this speculation, or there is basis?
Well, I probably won’t use the DL capability, but as the prices are so close together…
I think the logical thing is to get the newer model, unless there is any drawback.

Is it possible to flash back to the previous versions?
Sometimes, you can flash to newer versions, but not to older versions. I guess this happens with LiteOn drives. Does this happen with the 2500A?

thanks for the reminder. Yes, I know that. I will onlyt flash if I see it is really worth it.

Horse crap. The 2510’s are just the ones that didn’t fall on the floor…

hehe, I like sarcasm.
Are you saying that both drives are totally identical in hardware?

Well, anyway, can these drives be flashed back to the older fw versions?

At least in DOS you can flash your drive to any firmware you want!

The answer is Yes and Yes. At least their hardware components are identical.
So 2510A, 2500A, HP, Herrie firmwares are all compatible. (But if you change the drive name, DOS flashing is recommended.)

“handpick” or “laser calibration” is very likely to be a rumor.
Sill we can imagine that some quality control issue may be real.
For example, out of the existing 2500A production lines, better ones would have been assigned to 2510A when the new new model came, something like that.

Even that is more unlikely than likely, I believe.

All i’ll say to that is… read and make your own mind up click here

ah, but with other brands, I have read that you can only flash to newer versions… well, maybe I dreamt it. :slight_smile:

Yes, I also have thought that. That if NEC is launching a new model, and charging you a bit more, they probably dedicate the best production lines to the newer model. Just a guess.
Well, I think I will buy the 2510, as it seems there is no drawback over the 2500.
The price difference is just 6 euros in my favourite shop.
Also, I will buy the retail version, that is well packaged, from factory, and thus, protected from bad shippings. It also includes Nero 6.0 and MyDVD, and 2 blank discs
(I assume 8x DVD-R, and 4x DVD+RW). This is another 6 extra euros.
Total 95 euros. Not as cheap as I would like, but ok.

well, maybe NEC is lying about the lens adjustment… maybe not… who knows!
oviously, they are interested on selling 2510’s because there is more benefit for them.
Thanks anyway for the link.
I think I will get the 2510 anyway.

I have finally placed my order for the ND2510A.
I will receive it at home on Monday, probably.

thanks all again for your help. :wink: