Is there any 3rd party CDR testing software, freeware?

I’d like to test some CDRs I’ve burned, and have no idea how to do this.
First, I prefer Linux as an OS, so I check md5sums and that seems straightforward for a burn with only a few files: just md5sum the burn and compare the md5sum with the hard disk data, all should match exactly. md5summing a whole CDR full of files is not exactly straighforward, but under Linux, it is far easier than in Windows (the cli command diff comes into play).

But, when it comes to checking for errors on a WinME box, what are my options outside of verifying within the burner software…?
Sometimes the burner software discounts errors because the errors are deemed ‘transparent’; I’d rather know everything that went wrong and thus need independant software. I’d prefer OpenSource solutions (yes, even Windows has OpenSource) over freeware, but shareware isn’t out of the question, either.

CDCheck .


Anything else? Linux oriented software would be fine as well.