Is there any 3 sheep Lite On drives?



Just like the question suggests, I used to have a plextor and a lite on Cdrw years ago that I was pretty much able to back up just about anything I needed…
I know have a NEC3500 and it is worthless as for copy protection…

I noticed that the new 1653 lite on is a 2 sheep drive, but is there another that is a 3 sheep drive…?

I also took a quick look at Newegg and I only seen the 1633 Lite On drives, where can you find the 1653 if needed?


@ Jasonxxx
As stated in the FAQs, the 1633 is the same internally as a 1653, just different firmware.

I searched for ‘sheep’(“to ‘search’ is divine”) and came up with this post among others. Not definitive, but something to consider…


Dunno if such drives exist… and the definition of sheep does not seemed to be nailed down very tightly, as I’ve heard conflicting definitions. One definition of 3-sheep I’ve seen is anything that can do SD3+…

This drive, though outdated, was able to do SD-3.1:

Edit: hehe, just saw please’s post. Forgot that thread had existed. :wink: Something about that thread that I’d like to emphasize is that the definition of stuff is really not very-well nailed down. :stuck_out_tongue: That definition in that thread is different from the [thread=101608]definition that Womble offers[/thread]. It may be easier to just ask about what protection you want to have it handle…


I think I favour the other defintion I’ve seen…
1 Sheep = SD2 old
2 Sheep = SD2.51 late version
2.5 Sheep = Varies, sometimes SD2.8 maybe SD2.9 - this is where many “2 sheep” begin to choke (sometimes passing with AWS/EFM correction, often not)
3 Sheep = in the “sheep test”, not susceptible to ANY weak sector patterns.

One thing about AWS and other tricks, it seems they are nowhere near a 100% solution, going maybe one step higher if you’re lucky, but often fai8ling to deliver.