Is there an xp soft reset?



When my computer locks up the only way to reset the thing is to actually pull out the power cable. It doesnt have a reset button and the power switch wont turn it off if it locks so i was wondering if xp has a soft reset like 98 and before. On 98 and before hitting ctrl-alt-del twic would do a soft reset, but this doesnt seem to work on xp. Is there another soft reset?


Power switches generally wont turn a sytem off. You should look into putting a reset button in, all mobos have jumpers to reset the system, so your units probably just missing the button. When you hit ctrl-alt-del does your task manager come up? (not sure if XP has it but 2KPro does so I’m assuming XP would too) You can shut down with the task manager.


by any chance does your pc completely freeze so that even when you do ctrl-alt-delete you don’t get task manager? If so the only way to do it is to press the reset button (which you seem not to have) or to hold down the power button for 5 secs and the pc will turn off (not reset unfortunately), all pcs turn off if you hold it in long enough.


Often there are settings for powerswitch functions in the bios setup.


You need to right click on your desktop and then properties and then the screen saver tab, then choose the power button and then the advanced tab, look at your power button settings, make sure it’s set to shut down and not go into standby.

Like stated earlier some bios will offer a control also, some will allow you to wait, in order to shut down here I will have to hold the power button in for 4 seconds.