Is there an regularly updated guide to backing up DVD's?

I’ve been browsing the forum looking for a guide to backing up a dvd collection. I have only found bits and pieces. Can someone help me out with a link? I plan to back up about 40 dvds to alternate discs, so i can send the originals to storage.

Are you referring to the software to use to backup the DVDs or the type of media to burn the DVD to use rather then using theo originals? And also you planning to compress the DVD to dvd+5 or dvd+9 which is like DL or like the original size of the DVD.

The basic concept has not changed and I think one can figure out the slight adjustments that were made. You have guides all over the place, not in bit’s and pieces. Sometimes they are right under you nose, you just have to look. :bigsmile:

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The " Search " function in the forum is your friend. Use it please and you will find what you are looking for in more than a few places.:iagree:

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Try [B]here:[/B] :bigsmile: