Is there an led fix for 1620 like liteon?

is there an led fix for 1620 like liteon?

i hate that it blinks while reading.

yes, there’s the Duct Tape hack. You can download it from any hardware store, then apply tape directly to the LED.
If you want to go high tech, try the Eye Patch. Whichever eye is aimed at the blinking LED is the one that needs patching. I think this is the most elegant solution…

I mounted my 1620 in backwards…solved a lot of problems that way.

Seriously, the Liteon people are way ahead in their ability to hack firmware and they only lend their expertise to other makes rarely if ever. Maybe MCSE will offer something if it is easy and they enjoy doing it.

LOL =) What about a spinning fix? I don’t like that the DVD spin clockwise in a drive… I want them to spin counter-clockwise. I would also like a fix that doesn’t spin down the disc when ejecting… I like to catch my discs in mid air… because my back hurts everytime I have to grab a disc from the tray. :stuck_out_tongue:

That requires the upside-down-mounting fix. :wink: Solves both problems.

As The Dangerous Brothers so elegantly put it, the BenQ firmwares are a bloody mess to work with.

Then he’d be catching it in mid-air below the drive–even more back bending. He wants it to fly up. :wink:

An upside-down-mounting-spin-up-on-eject-while-red-led-flashing-fix, that is worth a try :slight_smile:

Mount the entire PC in the ceiling… and Quikee don’t forget to buy the PX-716AL with slot loading mechanism so you might enjoy the frisbee or UFO effect when the disk is ejected.

For a second I thought you were crossg. Same avatar.

Hehe… now I know what people saw when they tought they saw a UFO. =P But it made me think a little… if I buy this drive then I have to buy a dog and train him to catch the discs in mid air and bring them to me. This would be cool. =P

Anyway… I heard a cd drive in the past had the flying disc “feature” for real… but it wasn’t listed in the specs. =)

BTW. doesn’t Philips firmware change the behavior of the leds… maybe it would solve the problem for El_Mariachi_X.

Always on LED is annoying :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought someone released a patch/fix for that part at least?

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When everything fails… a hammer is the solution. =)

Those are answers to your question, not spams. :wink: Hint: no led fix at the moment, probably not at all.

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The Philips drive has the oddest assembly of flashing lights I have ever seen on anything, including a blue one. It would be an interesting experiment to see what the impact would be, but I would expect more of a light show rather than less.

The problem is not led always on, it is drive always spinning, so the LED simply displays the drive status, which is correct.

so the drive’s always spinning? any proggy to disable that like other drives?

i don’t see anything wrong with current FW. my 1620 works fine green for read and red for write. i don’t think the new liteon has a red for write, just green all the time green. so if you reallt like green then get a liteon if you like green & red get benq1620.