Is there an audio system capable of playing mp3-DVDs?

im looking for an audio system (micro or mini component system) which is capable of playing mp3-dvds.
ive run into a lot of models which are capable of playing mp3-cds or video DVDs, but none that can handle data DVDs packed with mp3s, which seems odd since the hardware needed should already be there.
i’ve also read about a lot of work-arounds involving audio DVDs or re-encoding files to AC3 but that doesnt allow me the same capacity of a simple data DVD.

i also know there are stand-alone DVD players which can handle mp3-DVDs, but i cant get any of those due to size and price considerations.

does a system such as the one im describing (normal mini system, 5 DVD changer, 2 tape decks, radio tuner etc) even exist ?

if so could anyone supply a model / manufacturer name ? i’ve been digging in forums and manufacturer’s sites for days now and couldnt find anything.

thank you very much for any replies

While most DVD players and DVD Hi-Fi systems don’t mention about supporting MP3 DVD’s, it is quite possible that they will play these. I would recommend picking out a couple of models you are interested in and then contacting the manufacturer’s support of each to see if this is possible. This will also give an idea of what the manfucturer’s support is like, such as if you do need to contact them later on about an issue. :wink:

For example, neither my LiteOn LVW-5045 (standalone DVD recorder) or NeoDigits (HD upconverting DVD player) mention they support MP3 DVDs, however both play these without any issue that I have encountered.