Is there an all-in-one DVD set top player?

I know very little about DVD set top players. Is there one out there that not only does ‘normal’ DVD playing well but also players ‘computer related’ formats? I’m talking .avi, .mpg and whatever other common pc formats?

Yes it’s called a modified XBOX console with the XBOX Media Center program on it. There are standalone units that will play divx, mpeg, xvid right out of the box but they are limited to certain versions, ect. The absolute best solution would be a media center PC hooked up to your TV but that can be kinda spendy. Obviously there are cheaper solutions than a modified XBOX but if you are looking for the maximum flexibility of computer file formats all in one system then the modified XBOX is really your best bet for the money.

Those formats can be converted and put on to a cd-r as a video cd and played in most dvd players as long as it playes cd-r cd-rw. most new dvd players will play all copies and mp3’s and those formats if u make them into a vcd.

Let’s assume I can not convert them to VCD. Are there ones that easily play avi and/or mpg? I’m not gonna buy and mod an XBox, and I’m trying to avoid lugging my PC and connecting it to the tv/dvd in the living room…

Go here:

Mark the formats you require, and you will get a list of players that support them. I’m using the Philips DVP630 (642 in the US I believe), and it plays pretty much everything I give it, including subtitles for DivX/Xvid.

vallybally go to that site that knallpulver posted it is a good site. u will find one like i said their r many now a days that will play everything. i have a sony dvp-s9000es their top of the line player if not the best in the world. and it is not intended to play copys and did not say so on the box. i have tried many audio cds in the past that i made and they did not and i have had it for about a year now. so i tried a beter media and software and a slower record speed to make a vcd the other day and to my amazement it worked and made me very happy cause i have this 1000 dollar plus dvd player and could never use it except for store bought discs. so take ur speed and software and media into context whan making a disc also.

and also its very easy to convert to vcd plus u would want to do with those files any way just use nero or one of may other programs. it is very easy like with nero just drag and drop the file after u pick video cd and record it converts for u.

I took a chance and ordered a Philips DVP 642 player because of good reviews…

I hope you’ll like it! If you are mainly planning to use it for “computer related” formats, I’m pretty sure you will be happy with it - at least I am. I have heard mixed opinions on its ability to play “normal” DVDs though, but since I mainly watch DivX and Xvid these days, I was not too concerned about that.