Is There An Advantage In Dual Processors?

I’ve recenly got a Supermicro P6DBS MB, installed 2 PIII’s, 550Mhz, 512Mb PC100 RAM, 2 40Gb Maxtor 5700rpm HDs, My dad says that there is no commericial software that takes full advantage of dual processers. I’m using it for a LAN sever at my home, plays a good round of Q3! The vid card is a GeForce 32 Mb DDR. Is there an avantage? Is there ways to better utlilize it?

First of all you need Unix, Linux, Windows NT, 2000 or XP. Any other OS doesn’t support dual processing. (Hope I’m not forgetting an OS).
And ofcourse you only get a performance boost if the application you are running is written in such a way that it utilizes both processors. Right now, I can only think of Adobe Premiere, but I know there are a few more.

Hope this will help you out.

It like Metallian says … If the program isn’t written to support dual CPU’s it won’t benefit from it at all !

Of course … the OS itself gets a boost but not the programs !

Quake 3 needs to be setup in a special way to use a DUAL Cpu Setup, and no it doesn’t gain a 100 pct performance increase. ( only 25-30 pct if I remember correctly )

Another High-End program which can use dual cpu’s is LightWave 3D, which can render to multiple threads and thus use multiple CPU’s

don’t look at specified program…but at OS!

only linux,win nt/2000/XP and unix can USE more than 1 processor

if you use w95/98/me…your 2nd processor simply…sleep

I don’t know if it’s an option for you but BeOS uses your two processors without reconfiguring/recompiling software or system components.

The only problem is the lack of system drivers to all your hardware and, for sure, your software recompiled in BeOS.

Besides, in the Windows world, Windows 2K (and XP in case of PIV’s) can make a good use of your two processors, distributing the charge, but it can’t make a single program use the 2 processors at the same time. In that case, the program should be specially built to this type of operation, as discussed before.

In Linux I can’t tell you how it works.

Hope that choosing a good OS could help you using your great computer much better, pushing it to the limits.

You know when 2 processors come in handy? VCD encoding

you can configure TMPGenc to use both processors (I wish I could afford a second processor just for that) but I’m not loaded with cash. I think 2 processors would also do you good in 3DStudioMAX also!