Is there a

is there a cd burner that can copy anything, like standerd wise.

i am looking for a very good cd burner to upgrade to. price is not an object. i am tired of all the problems with my hp cdrw.

the main proggys i will be using is clonecd, nero, daemon tools, etc.

thanks for all the advice in advanced.


There are a few protections that are not beaten yet hardware wise…only emulators can help in this respect.

Searching this forum for the many discussion on this subject may help. Lite-On is generally known to beat most protections, but cannot beat them all.

ps a tip in general, the topic is not intended to be mysterious, tempting people to read what it is about, but to describe the full nature of your question/problem, so people can see whether or not they might have an answer for you. Topics such as ‘Help’, ‘I need help’ or in your case ‘Is there a…’ are quite annoying to be honest.

thanks for the tips,

i guess i am leaning towards lite on.

i edited my post to make it more clear.

Although we don’t yet have tests to back it up, it looks like the new LiteOn 52 drives come as close to copying everything as any.