Is there a write strategy for TYG03 on LDW-411S?



I bought 50 of the TY-G03 DVD-R 16X for my LDW-411S thinking the more “X”'s the better. (16 is better than 4 right?). Well needless to say, the don’t burn worth a flip. So, how can I get a write strategy for the TYG03 on my LDW-411S (stock FSOK) ? Thanks,


Hmm, do you have enough money laying around to just buy a 16x burner? That would be the best solution :p.


A new burner is a good proposal :slight_smile:
In the mean time you could rename the TYG02 MID to TYG03 using Omnipatcher or MCSE, which allows you to burn the disks at 4x, which is the maximum write speed for -R media on a x11 burner.


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Well, I followed the advice here and did the free methods. I used the EEPROM tool to do the 411 -> 811 upgrade. I used Omnipatcher on the stock codeguys HSOR f/w with the recommended tweaks. I used OP to rename TYG01 to TYG03. I then reassigned TYG03 to use TYG02 strat. I burned it using Nero at 2X. The Kprobe scans were done at work on my 1633S with stock BS0S. The attached scan is the second burn. The disc is watchable.


Just noticed in OP on a f/w (CSOP) that does support TYG03, the “P. Ver., EC” is set to “00”, whereas I just left that field at “52”. What it is and what does it do? Should I set my TYG03@TYG02 write strat to “00”?


As I indicated in my post, the PV/EC is not related to write strategies at all. It is simply a part of the identification of a media code (like the Manufacturer’s ID, etc.), which is why it is specified alongside it.

It makes no difference whatsoever if you set it to 52 or to 00!!


Thanks !