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I loved Dvdshrink…in fact I still use it. I use DVDFAb Platinum to back up my dvds to my hardrive with no compression and then I use DVDshrink to cut and edit it. For example, I used DVDFab to back up an entire season of Star Trek and now I’m in the process of editing it so that all the discs will be backed up to DVD5 with no menus, no extra’s, no useless stuff, but I’m having some issues. After I’ve backed up an entire season, I would assume whatever protection has been removed by DVDFAb, but then I use DVDshrink and I keep getting a message that there’s a programming error and dvdshrink crashes…on the forums it says that the error message indicates that some type of protection has not been removed (I thought DVD Fab removed all protection automatically when I backed up the disc to my hardrive?) .now I’m not asking for help with DVDshrink, (I know that there are other sites for that) what I am asking is this, Does DVDFAb platinum have the capabilities to copy different chapters from different discs/files and put them on one dvd? For example, I have 2 discs of one series. I can only fit 3/4 of one disc on one dvd5 so I customize the 3/4 onto one dvd5…then I still have that 1/4 of the disc to deal with, so is there a way to grab that 1/4 and add it to a portion of disc 2 so that I can burn it to a dvd? Basically, I’m asking if DVDFAb Platinum will allow me to edit a dvd using files from two different discs/folders…hope I am making myself clear. DVDshrink normally has no problem with this, but for some reason I’m having issues with this dvd so I’m trying to use DVDFab to do the whole thing…any help would be much appreciated…

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What you ask is “Merge” feature, which is on the top of todo list :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I use Fab and Shrink much as you do so hopefully the moderators will let us get by to discuss how they work together. I assume that you are using the latest version of DVDFab ( beta). Unfortunately even Platinum does not yet have the ability to re-author a DVD the way Shrink does. :frowning: It would not surprise me to see this capability in some future release, given the speed with which new features are added by the authors. :clap:

Have you tried using DVDFab itself to re-read the HDD files that it created? What happens then? The reaction you describe from DVDShrink is typical of files/discs that either still have structure protection or corrupt files.

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First of all, WOW, what a fast response from Fengtao…I’m soooo glad I bought this software. In fact I had been using Dvdfab decrypter for awhile and since I had used it for so long, I thought it would be worth the money to buy it, and it has been one of the best investments that I have made. I have to say that allowing people to use the decrypter program for free was what made me spend money to buy the full platinum version, even though I don’t use much of the features, I figured it was a great way to donate and to get the best program at the same time.
Yes, a merge function would be great and that is EXACTLY what I was getting at Mr. Fengtao! I can’t wait to use this feature, then I can stop using shrink and concentrate on DvdFab Platinum.
To answer your question Signals, I just updated my Platinum and didn’t even know that there was a new update already…I think I’m running…wow! But thanks for the advice. I just didn’t understand why since I had already ripped it to my harddrive with dvdfab, there still seemed to be some sort of encryption that was giving Dvdshrink a problem, but oh well, if Fengtao can add this feature then I’m not going to use Shrink anymore anyway. But thanks for the welcome and for the quick response.

Did you have a chance to try letting DVDFab read the HDD files?

Signals, yes I did. What I did was I first copied the entire disc to my Hard Drive using DVDFab Platinum to get rid of any encryption. Then I tried to use Dvdshrink to merge and edit the series so that it would fit on dvd5’s. But everytime I tried to edit the movie DVDshrink would crash with the message “Programming error unable to access memory” or something like that. Like I said, I’m not asking about Dvdshrink…I’m just wondering how come DVDFab didn’t remove the encryption. When I used customize on the file it worked fine, just not with DVDshrink…weird huh? I am taking a guess that it was because there was still some sort of encryption on the downloaded file because I checked the forums and they stated that for that particular error message, it meant that there was some kind of encryption…thanks anyway…I’ll just wait patiently for Fengtao to (hopefully) put a merge feature into DvdFab Platinum.

My question was whether you had tried reading the HDD files that Fab created with Fab itself(or WinDVD), not Shrink (and if so, what happened). I just did this same procedure for “Schindler’s List” (a two sided disc) converting it to a single DVD9 using Fab and Shrink with no problems. :confused:

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I don’t use shrink much these days, but I agree with you and signals…it’s a little gem and still one my favorites.
I know that there were conflicts with Fab and shrink when Fengtao introduced Fab3. I think that they were resolved, at least for the most part.
If I’m reading signals correctly, I don’t think this is leftover encryption either.

I’m not sure if this will help and you may already have addressed some of this, but I definitely think it’s worth a look…
Posted by Cynthia…truly a goddess… :bow:…when it comes to this stuff.

BTW, curious as to the answer to signals’ question re: reading the files from the hdd.

Good luck and let us know.