Is there a way to shrink a 28 gig movie down to 25 without bd rebuilder?

I used TsMuxer to cut out all unnecessary parts of the movie, I only kept Ac3 audio and the video. It came out to 28 gigabytes, just 3 short of 25, which would fit on my bd-25 discs. Is there a way to just cut out the credits or shrink it without using bd-rebuilder? Every time I use it it takes a day almost, on a quad core extreme ddr 3 machine. Plus I do not need to re-encode the whole movie, I just need to compress it a tiny tiny bit, and Bd rebuilder always seems to compress it down to 21.

you can’t compress a movie “tinybit”. probably the fastest solution would be tsremux and remove few extra unneeded audio tracks.

The actual capacity of those 25gb disks is 23.3GiB. Just like a 4.7gb dvd is actually 4.3.

Instead of shrinking the movie, you can cut out the extras and trailers from the Stream file. If you want those extras, forget this post. I just cut out a bunch of extras from The Silence of the Lambs BD (about 41gigs) to fit on a 25gb BD. The movie stream is only 21 gigs. You backup the entire file with AnyDVD. Sort the files by size in the Stream folder. View the files that you think are extras and interviews, etc, I have Nero Showtime, and delete those after you confirm they are extras. After you have cut out those files, I burn with IMGburn and play the finished product in my Panny BD35 no problem. Granted, you can only click on the ‘play movie’ tab, but that is all I want out of the disc anyway. I can change audio tracks without a problem and never have to remix anything. Just some advice, if it helps. BTW, always sort by size and if that main stream file is over about 23.5gb, forget it. But you would be surprised how many 50gb movies I have cut down to fit on a 25gb disc by removing those extras and interviews, etc.