Is there a way to select an audio track with DVDFab?

One of the only thing keeping DVD Fab from being perfect in my eyes is that sometimes it rips things in French or Spanish. Is there a way to select what you want?

The only other problem is that it makes four or so smaller video files rather than one big one. Is there a way to set the split to infinite so it won’t do that?

Which fab product are you using. Express and Gold both allow you to select your audio track or tracks for main movie. If you want more than one hold down control when clicking.


It says ‘Express’ but I don’t see a way to choose an audio track.

The Dvdfab Decrypter in the upper left corner meens it’s the free version. For all of the features you have to purchase the regular product. Dvdfab decrypter is still an excellent free and regularly updated product.

Yes, the free one is a limited edition of Express. Also, I don’t think it burns either. You may be able to choose the audio with what you use to burn with.


I’ve just been using Nero to burn. I didn’t even know the full version of Fab would burn.

Looks like I may have to buy DVDFab then. I just bought Xilisoft but it’s giving me some problems, too.

Oh, hey, I almost forgot. The full version of Fab, can I set it to save as one big file instead of breaking it up?

It has a VSO burning engine.


I have no idea what that means.

VSO is the default burn engine for Fab. If you have nero installed on your system, you also have the option of burning with nero within the Fab application.

I’d recommend you download Fab platinum (includes both express and gold) and give it a try…free trial for 30 days. My bet is that you’ll keep it.

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Can Fab Platinum save the video as one big file rather than four or so smaller ones?

Yes an ISO image that can be burned wit ImagBurn a free burn only programs.