Is there a way to scan the burn quality in LG4163b?

Im planning to buy one, i read they achieve high quality burns but i also read it has no scanning capability, isn´t there anyway to acomplish burnscans in this drive? without that i feel like only believing what i read in reviews and posts but not being sure about my LG burner, Thanks

You can do a transfer rate test (this indicates how smooth the burn went), and a surface scan (to check for bad sectors). For advanced error scanning on several levels, you need another brand of writer (BenQ or Lite-On for instance).
But do you really want to take the time to scan every burn? It takes about 10 minutes per scan, and even people who have scanned hundreds of burns are still not quite sure what the outcome means. :wink:

Sorry, but the LG cannot do quality scans. It just isn’t supported hardware wise in the 4163B, so no amount of tweaking or patching will work. I know exactly how you feel though. I have a 4163B and I finally went out and bought a BenQ DW 1640 just for scanning purposes. I needed to check the discs I burned periodically to see if they are going bad. I live in a country with a tropical climate so this is fairly important to me.

I actually find that the two drives complement each other quite nicely. Various BenQ zealots may bash me for this, but I find that the 4163B has better burn quality than the 1640. It also does 16x burns faster (usually sub 6min). The 1640 on the other hand, burns media with variable quality control (one disc in a cake box burns nicely, the next does not) better. The BenQ lets me do quality scans and also has a utility that lets me check the quality of blank discs before I burn them. This way I know if I can really burn a certain disc at a certain speed.

It might not be a bad idea to consider getting the 1640 together with the 4163B; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The BenQ 1640 is now going at rock bottom prices, because BenQ are about to release a new model in that line, the 1650. I paid about US$47 for my 1640 brand new. So it’s not as if it will cost you that much.

OK, Thankx i´ll check my cash, i like the LG it has only that drawback for me of not being able to scan but for what is known it maybe doesn´t even need that :bigsmile: specially using the right media

my 4163B is fantastic, it’s been burning up a storm on my Verbatim TYG02’s, flawless burns/playback, even at 8x (i normally only do 4x, have done for 2000+ burns) :bow:

no need for any scanning, apart from the odd CRC scan if you’re paranoid

You can also skip the LG and buy the 1640 which does both :iagree: