Is there a way to salvage?

I have a Lite-On 1613S and I was flashing it to a newer firmware. I got as far as the flasher saying that it was 100%, but it did not have a pop up like before saying it was done and to hit reboot or reboot later. I let it sit there all day while I went to work, and when I came back, my PC had shut itself off. When I powered it back on, my bios did not recognize I had the 1613S drive installed. I tried hitting the eject button, but no response. I unplugged the drive, changed the jumpers to slave, no response, changed to cable select, no response. I’ve searched around and people said to try to use the MKTFlash tool in dos to try to reflash it, but what if my system can’t recognize the drive? Is this drive done? I have been looking to replace it, but I didn’t think I would be replacing it this soon! LOL!

Flashing in dos will probably be your only option. If it can’t be recovered there, it’s more than likely time for a new one.

what if the system can’t even recognize it? I don’t think power is getting to the drive.

My old PC had issues too and I just kept tweaking it to perform the tasks needed. One day it just finally bit the dust, the best advice I recieved was now you have a good reason to to rebuild a new one considering it was 7 yrs. old. Maybe this advice will be the best answer for you too.

Power [B]is[/B] getting to the drive, but with a corrupt flash it has nothing telling it what to do. Think of firmware as a smaller version of Windows. If your OS is corrupt, then the commands you give it will not work, including opening the CD/DVD tray.

A good reliable new burner will cost you around $30.00 from places such as Newegg. Probably around 1/2 the price you paid for the 1613s. Personal recommedations would be a Lite-On, Benq, or the Pioneer 111D. Maybe an LG H10N.

OK, Update…
I got the drive to finally flash. Seems that I had to use the 1653S firmware since that was the firmware that it failed on.

Now my question is, is there a way to get it back to a 1613S? I tried to flash it using Lite-On’s firmware but an error said that there were no 1613S drive detected.

So far I looked up the drive with Nero Info Tool and it says that it’s has the specs of the 1635S. I still haven’t tried to burn anything with it.