Is there a way to rip Stereo AC3 +R- selecting only ONE channel?

I use DVD Decryptor to rip my +R/+RW discs (in IFO mode), and then ‘re-complie’ the VOB files in either MovieFactory 2 or NeroVision Express.

Is there a way with DVD Decryptor (or any other ripper) that allows you to ‘de-select’ one the the stereo channels AND make the remaining audio channel into 2 MONO channels.

i.e. a programme I transferred from VHS had faulty sound on the Right channel of the Hi-Fi Audio ONLY. As the programme is Mono anyway, I want to burn the disc again, but use only the left channel- converting it to 2-Channel Mono if possible, with the offending Noisy right channel removed.

P.S. I don’t have the original VHS anymore, which would have been easier.