Is there a way to quickly compress double layer DVD to single?



I know that DVD shrink works but it takes forever to compress 8gb into 4gb, is there a quicker way to compress?


To speed-up dvd shrink (and any similar software) the only way is to buy a more powerful computer :frowning:

You can have a faster compression in shrink disabling deep analysis, but you will have also a lower quality result.


Nero Recode is basically the updated version of Shrink, and it’s a lot faster. As geno mentions though, all programs are dependant on the processor speed, the faster the processor, the faster these transcoders and encoders work.


agreed…i use recode and it takes about 12/13 minutes for a full d/l on my pc


Does recode by default do the deep analysis in Shrink?


which one is better when it comes to good speed and excellent quality? do both give the same qulaity in deep analysis and advanced writing mode? or both give the same quality but nero recode is faster? is use nero 6.6 and dvd shrink 3.2