Is there a way to get NeroVision 4 to use another program's codec?

I got really used to using NeroVision for editing home movies, quick, easy and surprisingly flexible. All the movies I made looked great on multiple standalone decks. But I’ve recently tried to edit footage that was shot on an 18-hour flight to India…and I was deeply disappointed to see, or rather HEAR this maddening static all throughout the footage. At first I thought it was my camcorder (JVC Everio hard drive, 30GB) being affected by the altitude or something but I tried opening the footage next in Windows Movie Maker and I get smooth untainted sound. Same thing when I opened in Ulead DVD Movie Factory, then Adobe Premiere Elements, Premiere Pro. I then decided I should switch to one of these other apps for video editing except:

Adobe Premiere Elements v3: crashes crashes crashes when trying to add some pretty basic transition effects. And gives you a series of apologetic messages (as if they knew it would happen) and a promise to TRY and save your project upon closing. No way.

Ulead DVD Moviefactory v5: Fugly interface, clunky preview window and the final project skips like mad.

Windows MovieMaker: nuff said. (I’ll also note you could do yours and your neighbors taxes in the time it takes to encode).

Adobe Premiere Pro v2: stable, very neat-looking interface but too great a learning curve for what I’m trying to do.

So I’m back to wanting very badly to work with NeroVision again. But whatever codec their using for transcoding audio kind of sucks. Is there a way to get it to use another program’s audio codec?

Any help would be deeply appreciated - thanks in advance!!

Nero is not the best for encoding. Why not just use the other softwares you mentioned to do the encoding portion only. Or, find out why adobe premiere elements is giving you fits. I have’t heard anyone complain about it before (over the past year). Are you using the full version of the software, or a trial version?