Is there a way to get a dvd player to read .mov

I was comparing the size of file and quality - and i noticed that mov only updates images when something is different or has moved for instance a mouse (semi-still image wise), and when i compare the mov to dvd the size difference is horrendous; i mean compare 24mb for mov to 800mb for dvd. the thing i hate is dvd renders each frame at 30 a second, and thats just over kill.

If you have a dvd player that can play divx, you could convert to an .avi file using the divx or xvid codec. The resulting files would be considerably smaller than what you see in mpeg2. Looking at, you get this list of video conversion tools that can produce avi from mov. (Check to make sure the one you use can utilize the divx or xvid codec)

Once in an avi container, you can burn the videos to disk as data files. A divx compatible dvd player will show the different files on the disk and allow you to pick which one to play.

If you don’t have a divx compatible player, you’re stuck with mpeg. And the standards for dvd format are intentionally stringent.

All basic lossy video compression techniques do this, whether MPEG1, MPEG2, or MPEG4

Yes but generally speaking the quality is superior, which is what’s needed for viewing on larger screens.

NTSC framerate is ~30 fps, and that of PAL; 25 fps. Rendering means something quite different. Not sure what you mean by “overkill” though. It’s necessary for realistic smooth motion in fast moving scenes.

what i mean is, im recording semi-still images(go to to see what i mean), the only thing really moving would be the mouse - so i would need like 5 frames per second; o i know what rendering means , it was just for a lack of a better word.

one more thing im ntsc

Yes, I’m sorry but it’s not clear what you’re trying to do, and the website that you gave us is pretty large.

What is the aim of recoding these semi-still images? Please explain further and we may be able to help…

ok here

Hmmm… perhaps I should say again that you still haven’t told us in your own words what you are trying to do.

Simply providing a link to some payware site is not going to make the members of CD Freaks more likely to help you.

never mind


Just drop your video framerate to 5FPS :slight_smile:

That’ll reduce you video bitrate by about … 85% for NTSC and 80% for PAL :wink:

You can also reduce your resolution, if detail is not required.

Better still, just use divx, and reduce the bitrate and adjust the framerate & etc.

Aww … nervermind :stuck_out_tongue:

is there a way to get a dvd player to read .mov

No way.

No. You will have to convert it to DVD.

nero wont let me drop the frame; so what program will let me

TMPGEnc or VirtualDUBMod. I wish you all the luck into transcoding a Apple Quicktime .MOV file successfully into a very high quality MPEG-II.