Is There A Way To Edit Out Commercials?

I have a DVR for OTA TV to record. I have to use a USB flash drive for storage. Is there a way to edit out all the commercials with my computer?:confused:

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What format are they in? If you are recording as mpeg files, then the best solution I know of is a commercial program called VideoRedo.

Oh wow … I wouldn’t know what format it is in.:disagree: I’m new to all this. How can I find out?:confused:

The extension of the file will provide some clues to begin with, but you should get a program called MediaInfo. It is free to use.

I use the installed, 64 bit version. Start up MediaInfo and you should see a window for Preferences. I set Output Format to Tree normally, though the Text view can also work. Make sure there is a check mark in the box for Explorer extension. Click Ok and close the main window in MediaInfo.

Now you should be able to right click on any media file and have an option to use MediaInfo to get an analysis of the file, showing the codecs used within it.

Copy the results and paste them in this thread.

Okay it’s a .mts file … is there a good free software I can use to edit out the commercials so I can watch the shows commercial free? Thanks for reading my post.

Hard to know what codecs are used without a MediaInfo report. An .mts file is just a container, and there are many different audio and video codecs that could be inside there.

You could try AviDemux, though I always found it buggy and a pain to use for cutting. And there is VidCutter, which is a simple cross platform video editor, but no guarantees with either of these.

Video Redo will handle almost any format out there and convert it to just about any other format and let you manually or automatically pick out commercial breaks. They have several versions going up in price depending on what formats you expect to edit so I’d poke around their site and see if they have a version that will work for you. I think I originally used 4 but upgraded to 5 when I started using Windows Media Center to record all my shows from a HD HomeRun cable card tuner as WMC uses Microsoft’s WTV format that most TV capture editors cant handle but 5 can natively. They have a 30 day trial and it can cost up to about 80 bucks but was well worth it to me plus I got a discount for having a previous version to upgrade. I use Mediainfo as well for when I want to find out everything about a media file I have on here.

I tried to get that mediainfo report, but for some reason the computer isn’t seeing the external drive. I can hear the connection sound when I hook it up to the USB port, but there is nothing in my computer where the drives are listed. Any idea why the computer doesn’t see it, and what I can do to correct this?

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You might try different USB ports, just in case the one you are using is not functioning properly.

Also, when you have it connected, go to Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Computer Management–>Disk Managment. See if it shows up in the list of drives attached to the computer. If not, there is some type of hardware problem.

Look in Device Manager and see if there are any yellow caution flags for the drive.

If you have access to another computer, see if it will show up in it.

I tried it on a different computer with the same results. I have several computers … when I get a chance I will check the DM.

Checked the DM there are no yellow caution flags. Under the USB controllers there is a USB Mass Storage Device listed, but there is no way to go into the files. I when into disk management and it is listed as 123456789. States it is a healthy (primary partition) I can’t edit out commercials if I can’t assess the drive.:confounded:

What OS are you using?

Windows 7 64 bit :anguished:

Unplug all usb hdd, flash drives etc.
In device manager select "show hidden devices"
They will look grey
Go to “usb storage devices” and "hard drives"
Delete/uninstall the hidden ones
As you reconnect these devices they will be reinstalled with clean drivers
This could eliminate (maybe) corrupt drivers or prior cumulative errors from preventing access to the device

With the device not hooked up there is nothing on “usb storage devices” with or with out the show hidden devices checked in the device manager. When I hook up the usb drive is when I see it in the manager and it reports the device is working properly yet I can’t see it in my computer listing…

What about under disk drives

There is nothing hidden or showing under disk drives unless the device is hooked up, then it shows. It states the device is working properly.

Okay … I went into the disk management where I could see the disk which was marked as “123456789”. I right clicked on it and select the change drive letter … the computer chose K along with the numbers. I can now access the drive. :blush: So now I need to know how to show the results of the MediaInfo?:anguished:

If you have MediaInfo installed, examine the file with it using the Tree or Text mode within MediaInfo. Highlight it, copy and paste into your reply here at MyCE.

I have learned a thing or two from this thread. I love this forum already, so much important things to learn!