Is there a way to create/add BAD sectors on a DVD-R?

Is it posible?

As far as I know there’s a way to deliberately
corrupt some precise sectors on a DVD with
standard mmc commands. If someone has a
method, he’s very welcome to prove me wrong.

what about subq channel data? anyone know about a program that let manipulate/read them?

there’s no such thing as subchannels on DVDs.

EDIT: Silly post deleted, now don’t embarass yourself further and go read the specification.

Hi Spath, despite some arguments in the past, I must admit that this was a funny reply. Thanx!

Im actually quite interested in this, ive been looking into it.

Is there a way to skip sectors on any burning program? I know this would have desired effect as there would be no data there.

Im trying to corrupt a range for example 2000 - 2500 3000 - 3500

Basicly to create a ring pattern.

With CD i managed to figure i out.

When for example blindread, alcohol find these values how do they clone?? I know on CD they fill the sector with 55555 value but for DVDR how is this done??

if you do a 1:1 copy of a corrupt DVD what is the outcome, does it fix the sectors?

Quite interesting


May you tell me how i can go about doing in on a CD fireflyhk ??