Is there a way to copy protect dreamcast games?

Is there a way to copy protect dreamcast games???

They are already VERY HEAVILY copy-protected in the following ways:

  1. TOC (Session 1 - audio, Session 2 - XA mode 2 data)
  2. LBA Check (Game starts at LBA 45000 so you need to make it 11700 or 11702 via Hexeditors)
  3. Optional Sega of Europe protection (found on MSR)

Now the only way to copy a copied game is with DiskJuggler. If you wan’t to protect it further than that, like say your friend has DiskJuggler, then you can’t do anything that I know of because of the GD-ROM extremely delicate layout! I’m talkin’ exact sectors here!

Nero can also can also copy a copied game, as can CloneCD.

but this is all copying a copy, not copying the original :frowning:

You can copy the original, but only a computer-intelligent person can copy your copies.

huh? I got a [had a ] backup of MSR;)

There are MSR releases where professional crackers “bypassed” the protection. It is VERY HARD to take it out yourself though (from an original).

do you copy d/c games from the originals yourself? do you ps2 games as well?

I copy all my DC games myself with a Coders cable.
It is actually very fun and in doing so you will learn VERY ADVANCED file-editing skills, etc…

I also do copy PS2 games, but for my cousin since I only own a DC!

It is very easy to copy of a copy, it is harder to copy a original, you need a serial cable and software to connect to computer from dc…