Is there a way to copy interactive dvd's?

I have tried to copy dvds several times that when i put it in the computer it does certain things with the computer. I can never get these dvd movies to burn correctly. I have tried different softwares with no luck. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Yeah, if you use anydvd you can. Interactive is evil and asks you to install software. This software connects to the internet and tells their company that you are trying to copy the disk, which i would imagine would cause alot of hassle tooking for reciepts of original copys. Anyway, if you have anydvd, it stops autorun, which stops the connection to the internet. Just make sure you go into the dvd and select the video_ts file.

thank you i will give that a try. I had dvd43 for breaking the encrytion… that did not stop the auto run though. I will try anydvd and see how it works

You have to remove dvd 43. after uninstall remove from registry. if you dont know how follow this

anydvd worked GREAT! thanks for your help. and i had to edit the registry also to get rid of the dvd43 file. it burned the cd perfect. THanks again. How much does anydvd cost? or is there a way around it?

Glad to here it helped, anydvd is $39.00 on its own, but if you buy it as a bundle you can get it for cheaper. Im not going to lie to you there are ways to get around it, but you are more likely to ruin your pc with spyware, keyloggers and trojans. And the fact that its illegal.

That last comment is a no no. You want to support Slysoft by buying it. It will be one of the best investments you will make. It is updated regularly and supported by many in this forum. And it works very well needless to say.

i will definetly have to buy it once the 21 day trial runs out. well worth the $39 investment in my opinion. how do i go about purchasing it? and will the software key they give me work on more than one computer? i have 2 computers and have burners in both. thanks

I wasnt endorsing the fact that he can do this, just putting him off by telling him the facts. Chances are sooner or later he’ll come across a website with that kind of content.

cigar…you got your post in before mine…I was responding to silver tyger. you are correct…let them know up front.