Is there a way to copy hd-dvd movies yet

and if so can someone point me in the right direction on learning how

No, not yet.

The whole reason it has taken so long for HD video to reach the consumer IS BECAUSE they want to make DAMN SURE THERE IS NO WAY it can be copied. (And we get stuck with the bill for the expensive HDCP-compliant disc players and monitors and live Internet connection/validation services required just to play a HD-DVD or Bluray disc…)

The only way to copy one at this stage of the game is with a HDV camcorder recording the screen (shutter speed set to match the frame rate, focus manually set for clean image without pixel moire) while the analog line-level audio stream is sent to the cam’s audio-in jack. (Stereo only.)

Unless/until the greedy digital content holders can find a way to implant a microchip in each person to shut off their eyes and ears if DRM protections are thrawrted, I’m afraid there is nothing they can do to prevent people from making copies this way. What a waste of time and money for them; if they just sold the content at an honest price in the first place no one would bother to copy…

Yes there is !!
Only problem is that the current method of grabbing each specific frame is quite time consuming and isn’t a real workable sollution at this time.
The german magazine C’t wrote a article a couple of weeks ago about how to copy the HD movies at this moment or was that about Blu Ray only? :confused: No time to dig it up. But at least HD movies can allready be ripped only the method being used is far from perfect and time consuming.

This info is already obsolete.
Of course the industry got that info too and forced its elimination…

I was able to copy all the files off of an hddvd-rom to my computer. It was the fear and loathins in las vegas. I hooked up the hddvd drive from the xbox 360 to my computer running Vista RC2. The drive was instantly recognized and drivers installed for me. Then I was able to view all the file contents. I figured, why not try to copy them to my hard drive. It took a while, but the contents copied to my hard drive. I wish I had an hddvd burner to try out the backup. If anyone wants more info, let me know.