Is there a way to convert a .qbx file to another video format



I received a DVD disc with a .qbx file on it with video.
On the disc is an AutoPlay .exe . This brings up the .qbx file which has an image to " Click to Play" .
When clicked it loads the QBXViewer.exe on the disc.
This plays the .qbx file ok but I would like to have it in a .avi , .mpeg or DVD complient format so I can make an actual copy playable on a standalone DVD player.
There are no copyright problems with this file .It is the police officers video of a traffic citation I received. It is a seat belt citation. I am fighting it in court.
BTW I had my seat belt buckled in front of me. The officer alleges I was wearing the shoulder harness too loose.


Not an answer, just opinion.

I knew there were laws saying you must wear a seatbelt, but laws about how to wear them? Seems ridiculous to me. Do they not have better ‘crimes’ to deal with in your area? I guess car companies or Wal Mart need to offer seatbelt tension checkers.

You must have really pissed someone off…:stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t know of a conversion program for you cholla. Maybe you could use a capture program like Snagit to record the video as it plays.


That’s why I’m taking it to court. It was the officers opinion the shoulder belt was not being worn correctly because I had adjusted it too loosely.
The Texas law is actually this:
545.413 Safety Belts; Offense.
a. A person commits an offense if:

  1. the person:
    A. is at least 15 years of age;
    B. is riding in [the front seat of] a passenger vehi­cle while the vehicle is being operated;
    C. is occupying a seat that is equipped with a safety belt; and
    D. is not secured by a safety belt; or
    (4) “Secured,” in connection with use of a safety belt, means using the lap belt and any shoulder straps accord­ing to the instructions of:
    (A) the manufacturer of the vehicle, if the safety belt is original equipment;
    The key word is “Secured” & instructions of the manufacturer".
    I attempted to explain this to the cop but all I got was "If you don’t agree take it to court"
    This is information I got from Ford Motor Co. from the owners manual for this car:
    My opinion is it allows me to adjust the shoulder belt to my “Comfrot” what ever that is.

From the owners manual:

Terry-Lynn Levin
Reasearch Unit Representative
North American Customer Relationship Center
Sent to me at my request from Terry-Lynn Levin .
Deluxe Seat Belt System
The Deluxe seat belt system operates the same as the standard but it uses a one-way tongue and will include a comfort regulator.

ADJUSTING SHOULDER PORTION (WITH COMFORT REGUULATOR)-To relieve belt pressure on your shoulder after the belt is fastened, a shoulder harness comfort regulator has been installed in the shoulder retractor. This regulator allows you t adjust your shoulder belt to a position for a comfortable shoulder harness length. This comfort regulator works like a window shade: slowly pull several inches of shouIder belt away from your body and release.

What do you think?
@ Kerry56 , I already tried & got it with a capture program but the Audio wasn’t too good on the .qbx so it wasn’t captured too good either. Thanks for the suggestion though . The program I used was Debut Video Capture Lite.


[I]This regulator allows you t adjust your shoulder belt to a position for a comfortable shoulder harness length.[/I]

Comfort is indeed subjective so I think any judge should dismiss this. Unless of course, he is getting bribes from the PD.

Not proud about it… but as a young lad I was charged with drunk driving. The case was dismissed. The judge ruled that ‘wreckless driving indicates putting others at risk’. The officer said my left front tire had been on the dividing line of the traffic. He also admitted that at 3 am there were no oncomiing cars. Hence, I put no one else at risk. Valuable lessond learnt that was.



I did get the Debut Video Capture Lite program to capture a fairly good video.
The Audio was my prime concern because the police officer could be heard but me being in the car could barely be heard on the .qbx file.
I was able to use an .avi container Debut used xvid for the video & lame .mp3 for the audio. At first I tried some other formats but this one did best. I still had to turn the sound down to about 6 to keep the oficer from sounding buzzy from his volume being so much louder.
Once I was satisfied enough with the .avi I converted it to DVD complient format with DVDFlick. Then burned that to DVD disc with CloneDVD.


hi cholla how things going,do you know anything about avs programs-seams like one of their convert programs should work

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Hi marloyd , I just took a look at the AVS converter & .qbx wasn’t listed .
From what I can tell a .qbx can only be opened by the QBXViewer .
If this becomes a more common audio/video container I’m sure one of the multiple converters will add it to the list.
Since it contains audio/video files I think it is just a matter of a converter opening the container & extracting the files.
I think inside the .qbx container are just standard files like .mpg & .mp3 for example.
Think of the .qbx doing the same thing as an .avi container .
Information readers don’t open the .qbx either Media Info for example. So I have no way of knowing exactly what is inside the .qbx.
The screen capture program did a fair job & will be useable . I just think a converter would have done a better job as it might have extracted the original A/V files.
Those may have had audio that wasn’t too good either. The screen capture program did bring the Audio of me up quite a bit it just made the officer much louder.So it trys to buzz the speakers.


good luck in court


[QUOTE=marloyd;2532225]good luck in court[/QUOTE]
Thanks marloyd ,
It is a slow process. I got the seatbelt citation
5\12\2010 . From that time I had 12 days to go to the municipal court.
When I got there & told the “cashier” I wanted to plead not guilty I was sent to the docket clerk who scheduled me for a docket call 7/15/2010.
I found out that a docket call is just an appearence before a judge to plead not guilty .Then the trial date is scheduled .Mine will be 9/20/2010.
In gathering evidence from the city prosecutor I have had to make two additional trips to the court building. To make Requestsfor Discovery.
The first one I just requested “All Information” which didn’t get me the Video from the officers video cam.I found out I had to request that seperatly.
So by the time it is over I will have had to make 5 trips to the municipal court.
So they make it a pain in the ass to fight a citation even if I’m found not guilty.There’s no guarantee of that.
Seems like punishment to me.
So when a cop writes a person a citation & they argue with him & he says “tell it to the judge” it costs a lot of time & some expense. So in a way you pay even if found not guilty. Too bad the cop doesn’t have to reinburse people found not guilty out of his pay check.