Is there a way to change the date format?

The dates shown next to user’s posts are appearing for me in Day/Month/Year format. I always stumble over this. I know it’s standard in some parts of the world but for me it’s hard to read. I’m sometimes getting mixed up between the month and day.
The typical format in the US is Month/Day/Year, but personally I often use Year/Month/Day. Either format would be comfortable for me, but formats which put Day in front of Month twist my brain inside out.

I looked through the control panel but I couldn’t find a setting for the date format. Maybe I missed it though - is there some way to change this?

As far as I remember, vBulletin (our forum software) only supports on global setting that is applied to every user. Since the forum is based in Europe (.nl), the local setting was chosen.

PS: I never understood the logic behind the standard US format mm/dd/yy - I can understand yy/mm/dd and dd/mm/yy as these are logical orders.

yeah, I rename my photos yyyymmddhhmmss_Camera model from their EXIF data…