Is there a way to burn a disk that is scratched?

I have a disk that is already scratched and it isn’t readable in either DVD Shrink or AnyDVD. The denial that came up in AnyDVD was that the disk may be dirty, scratched, or that my DVD Rom is region locked or something like that. I know that isn’t the case as I can clearly see scratches all over the disk. Is there any way to still back this up or is it too late?

What are you trying to read it with? Anydvd is just a copy protection app.

I have tried AnyDVD and DVD Shrink and neither of them will read it. But if I just watch it it will read with little disruption.

I was just wondering what drive you used to read it. I have an NEC 3500 and a BenQ 1620 and if 1 can’t read my scratched disks i choose the other and see if it can. Usually the BenQ will read the scratched disk better. Maybe someone else can point you to a cleaning solution as i only have to use my breath and a soft cotton cloth to clean and never had any problems with severely scratched disks.

I believe tat it is a Lite-on DVD rom. It is probably 2 years old. I have never had a problem until now. Ohh well, not a big deal. I have tried the soft cloth and even some Windex but nothing worked.

If it’s that bad i guess you need a new disk to back-up.

Hom much trouble do you want to go to?
Neither approach is guarenteed to work but does sometimes (depends on how bad the disk is).
I would personally recomend plexus (discussed on the first link). It doesn’t always work but it often does so its handy to have around for your own scratched disks or rentals that will not even play (especially some of the real torn up crap you get from netflix). It also compliments other methods well (try it first because it only takes about 30 seconds to use and an 8$ spray can is a lifetime supply). If it doesn’t work, try something else.

HI i have had the same probs many times and DVD Decrypter has all ways done the trick for me give it a try and ggo luck


Thanks all. I will give it a shot.