Is there a way to burn 6 channel wavs to a cdr without the loss?

Ok, most ppl would have given up by now. I’ve been trying to get some success out of a 5.1 audio cd for the past 3 months now. I have some slight success but not the real deal all the way. The Sonic Foundry Soft Encode does me no good when it comes to the digital wav because all I end up with is broken static. I came ever so close with burning a 6 channel wav via headache. Nero allows the wavs through that program for some odd reason. But I ended up with some lopsided sound. If anyone has had complete success either reply to my post or send me an email @

Has anyone had any success with this process? I am looking for methods to Author multi-channel(5.1) Audio CD-Rs. Thanks in advance…

as far as i know, a standard audio cd can only exist out of 2 channels (according to the book of rainbows). I thought that was also the case with wav-audio. For 5.1 sound you can use for example AAC.