Is there a way to backup all XP and program settings/preferences



I am looking for a way to backup all XP and program settings/preferences that i have made within each program ie: outllook , winamp powerDVD , paint shop pro etc… without backing up the programs themselves .

i tried the files and settings transfer wizard through windows start menu/ system tools . but all that did was back up a few windows settings and taskbar settings and destktop settings .

surely there is something out there that can just backup all my preferences i have made for every program installed ?



Although more and more programs save their settings to the registry as M$ intended, not all do and not all that do save them to a standard location within the registry. This makes backing up preferences problematic.

Hard drive space is cheap. The best backup solution is to image the entire drive with something like Macrium Reflect or Acronis True Image.


No there isn’t, since each product has a different behaviour.
The only method to be absolutely safe is to make a clone copy of your harddisk(s), like midders already advises. For instance Symantec Ghost does.


ok thanks .