Is there a way in the 6500 and 6750 drives

is there a way to make the 6500a and 6750a drive in a tecra 8200 and 9000
switch from PIO mode to DMA mode.

these drive setup only after being unplugged and replugged while in windows.

they will not setup from boot up.

once they do setup they setup as slave in sceondary ide channel with DMA availaible BUT PIO is actual mode higlighted.

no amount of fussing with this in device manager can make either drive switch to DMA mode.

anyone have any good ideas?

i can live with the inconvienence of having to unplug and replug to get the drives to install BUT PIO mode is so slow it is frustrating.

Have you tried reinstalling the secondary IDE channel in the Device Manager? To do so, deinstall it and restart windows.
Actually, are you sure, that the drive is detected as secondary slave? I mean, to me it seems pretty unusual having a drive in a notebook computer configured as secondary slave. Either secondary master or primary slave would make sense, there are only a few models having bays and connectors for more the 2 ide drives.

this is what nero info tool shows as the setup in a tecra 9000
the dma mode is only PIO

uninstalled as you suggested to no avail!

If it’s in PIO mode it cannot be any kind of DMA mode.

If you want it to work properly, you have to adept the correct firmware.