Is there a way I can make cds available to view on monitors, but cannot be be burned

I have a rather strange question here, for I’m looking for a way to protect a CD that I create.
I sometimes create a cd of several hundred photos of runners and bikers competing, and make burned cds available for $5.00 each (no profit here).
My question is: Is there a way I can make cds available to view on monitors, but cannot be be burned onto other cds?

No, not that I’m aware of. Basically if you burned it, it can be copied, sorry to say.


Well, not really. That´s what movie companies try to do…and anyone here will tell you that it hasn´t worked yet. You can however make it a bit more difficult…somewhere there is a link to software to help with this


  1. You should at least include copyright info which should help you if it comes to a court case with a magazine using any of your pictures.
  2. Resize your images so that the quality isn´t more than say 1000 x 600 pixels. They will look ok on a monitor or reasonable tv screen, but won´t be so good for printed media such as magazines.

That’s a really interesting trick :iagree:

Thank you…

I have one more. None of these prevent copying but they just make it less commercially useful for those who may try to “use” your work without paying etc…
…you can import your images into a movie making program (Premiere for example). It then runs like a movie…still pictures change on the screen…but they are of lower resolution and much harder for anyone to make a print copy. The only way they can do it is by making a screen shot…so resolution is then nearly useless for anything bigger than postcard size.

Did I mention putting a visible watermark in each image?

For that type highly strick copy protection even commercial program is not effective as long as anydvd or other programs can remove it.