Is there a way I can download AnyDVD

I’m running into problems with AnyDVD 5541 so, I wanna downgrade if possible
back to please. Any help is apreciated. :bow:

Unistall AnyDVD and go to google and type in something like AnyDVD

Why downgrade, you need 5541 for new protections?

No offence but I don’t like ashmo’s suggestion. No idea what malware you will end up with if AnyDVD is “unofficial”.

Which are? Does the generic “SlySoft” crack no longer work correctly? :wink:
(Sorry, couldn’t resist… :flower: )

Hello Folks,

The only way to ensure that you are acquiring a disease free copy of AnyDVD is to visit the official SlySoft ( Web Site.

With SlySoft ( diligence in providing an up to date stable software product there is absolutely no reason in wanting to obtain an old version of AnyDVD.

Maybe Forum Member Tru might be correct in is assessment in Forum Member Macrovision3500 instance.

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ROFLMAO!! I love it. If there is a legitimate problem with AnyDVD, report it and I guarantee it’ll be looked into by the awesome people at Slysoft.

Thanks guys for the help. :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. :bow:

@ Macrovision3500,

Forum Member Tru specifically asked you what was your problem with AnyDVD v5.5.4.1.

You took the time and effort to re-post in this thread but you neglected to describe exactly what your problem is with AnyDVD v5.5.4.1. If you fail to provide detailed information on exactly what you problem is how do you expect to get your problem resolved?

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Like Tru said, i think Macrovision3500 have a problem with the generic SlySoft Patch!

I don’t use cracks of any sort, but I understand the disgust.

Sometimes it is very wise to resist the temptation. Like in this case. Next time, hopefully, you will be able to excersize self-restraint as your words reveal more of you than of the person who asked the question.