Is There A VirtualDubMod DTS Decoder Plug In?

hi, i am trying to convert an .avi movie with DTS audio stream to an .avi movie with ac3 audio stream, but when i try to save the .avi with virtualdubmod it says (no audio decompresor could be found etc.) can i download from somewhere a plug in to fix that or i MUST use demux audio and then convert with tranzcode and then merge audio and video again to an single .avi movie?


And why do you post this again and again, over and over?

It’s called spamming and not allowed. Just read the forum rules again…

I don’t get the point. All your many posts are basically the same, I tried to start helping in one, then I saw the same thing ahd been suggested in another one, and something else in a different one. It makes it very hard for people to build up information and knowledge for a solotion. Normally people post a question, people post a few suggestions, if they don’t work the person says the next error and it can be worked through untill a solution is found, often it just needs clearer explaining at one stage to work. If you keep posting the same thing everywhere people can’t ever get anywhere from the first stage of suggstions which are unlikely to work, especially to novice users. It is also likely to piss people off and make them less willing to help you.

If after 24 hours nobody has responded to your thread you may post the word “Bump!” to move the thread back up to the top, to prevent it from “sinking” to where nobody will read it. From your of your posts it looks like any longer than an hour warrented a new thread - at the start you posted about 5 within a few minutes of each other. Maybe it would be best if a mod deleted all your posts exept one (the one with most replies allready) and then we worked from there.

As far as I can see this thread has the most replies that arnt just complaint about your crossposting:


ok, i got the point, How do i use that bumb word again?

Read the DTS FAQ from Doom9 here.