Is there a 'VERIFY' setting like with IMGBRN?

I looked but can’t find it. Would like to verify after I burn with clonedvd. If not, what else can I use to verify a burn?


same question for me. way too ofter, my backup has not worked,and always towards the end of the disc-movie. sucky . in other words, clonedvd says ‘successfully completed’, but it is not really known whether it is usable. many other disc burning sw have this, why does nt clonedvd have this option to verify?

Put this way you should first make sure your source disc is in working order before backing them up and that your using quality media to burn and keeping your burn speed to at least half of rated media speed. That is best way to reduce making coasters. It may say it completed but if you used poor quality media or burned to fast you will always in the end make bad media even if it says it finished. I used CloneDVD for long time since it came out and only time I had those problem is cause of bad source media and poor blank media and burning to fast and muiltitasking a big no when your burning. Those simple steps and having updated FW helps to reduce problems that might pop up.

I am with coolcolors on this: good quality media, up to date firmware, and a reasonable burn speed are the best way to reduce your coasters. Verifying a disk, especially with the program that just burnt it, is hit and miss at best. Even with ImgBurn. You could always run it through Nero CD-DVD Speed and check for errors or even just do a windows copy and paste back to the HDD. But again nothing is for sure aside from watching the actual disk play.

thanks for the input. I like the half-the-burn-speed idea. I just used whatever clonedvd2 put as the defaults. I figure - It is the expert, not me.

On the bad source media, invariably, when I tried the original it worked.

On using quality blank media, I am not sure what is a quality platter. I use maxell dvd+r. I DO know I had tried sony , and I tried -R, too, but I cannot recall when ones had a higher screw-up rate.

I always single taskwhen doing these copies.

You gotta be a comuter scientiest to figure that stuff out. That’s why I asked for an automated method of verifying.

Good media: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, and Sony.