Is there a usb to usb firewire cable?

i need to connect my comcast digital cable box with dvr to my pc and i think the only way is via usb/usb cable… i cant find one!!!

help please

No, either it’s USB or Firewire.
Try here USB Cables

If you have a digital camera, please post a few photos of the port you are going to / from.

Generally you will have a few sorts of cables.

Most USB devices have USB A to USB A (which it the sorta flat plugs)
USB A (the flat plug) to USB B (kinda squarish with top 2 corners squished).
or USB A (the flat one) to USB B mini which is a little tiny connection.

Look here for piccies

you can’t find a USB cable? you’re welcome to come over and clean out my “miscellaneous computer stuff” drawer. you can have whatever you find. mosre usb cables than you’ll ever use!

if its a comcast box, you have to use the firewire ports. get a firewire to firewire cable. 6-pin to 6-pin firewire. google “Kevin Moye Motorola tutorial” and he explains everything

You can also try Cyberguys I don’t think exists though but you never know.

USB and Firewire are compeletely different kind of connections.
Dif plugs and dif protocols, not just a visual issue. The only way to make a USB to firewire connection would be using some kind of hubb with in/out connection to allow the input from one and the output via the other, but don’t be mistaken because in the middle all the electronic circuits to make the transfer would be required.
In this kind of boxes you have to use the same out of the box that you use to input to the PC.
If the DVR records as Mpeg2 files it can have both or just one of them.
If the recording was made using uncompressed files you would need to use firewire.
However, if you have the chance to use firewire do it, because its more suitable to transfer the video files stream of info, doesn’t depend on the I/O switches of your machine and will make less use of the CPU capacity.