Is there a trick to DL formats using Clone DVD2?

I am trying to find out for my brother-n-law what might be happening when he is trying to copy onto a Dual Layer format DVD.

We both have the same Lite-on dvd and DVD RW drives, as well as the same software for decrypting and copying DVDs. I on the other point only back my DVDs up onto a 4.7gb DVD-r x8 by taking out all the extras as well as the different languages.

He on the other hand is backing up a lot of his son’s DVDs so the fact being his son doesn’t damage any originals… He decrypts the DVD the same as I do then he has Dual Layer x2.4 which is the speed he writes the files to the DVD as well. So I don’t think the speed is the problem.

When he backs up the movies they play fine in his computer but when he goes to play them in his Bose DVD player they are not recognized most of the time there are a couple that will play and around Chapters half way through the movie they stop playing and say no DVD found? He has one of the newer Bose systems and says to be able to read all the formats of DVD/CDs including all the writable formats.

But since I haven’t dealt with the dual layers yet not sure if I might be missing something to tell him to do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I used to have a Sony DVD Player that cost me over $200 and it was doing the same thing…would’nt read the DVD+/-R Backups of any of my movies, but they worked fine on my PC. Turned out my older Sony Player was’nt able to read the data on the copies but would work on Original DVD’s just fine. I purchased a newer Sony player at Walmart for $80 and all is good and backups play fine now.

I recommend either try cleaning the head on the player and if that dont work it might be time for a new one.

This is a brand new model of the Bose lifestyle DVD home theater system

What is the brand of DL media? I assume you are using CloneDVD to do the backups?

Do a quick search in the forum and you will find the information you need. I can tell you this - only Verbatim works for me. I tried other DL media and found that none of my good (aka -better than Blose - sorry, couldn’t resist :o) DVD players would recognize it.

Do your player specs (owners manual or website) state that it will play DL recordable media?

WHAT brand and type of media are you using?

The specs says that it should read them and I don’t think the media is the problem cause it does play on both DVD rom drives in the computer…

A backup will almost always play on the computer that made it!

THIRD TIME: What brand of DL media are you using?

Brands are both Verbatim and the other brand I have tried is Ridata which came with the dvd recorder DVD +R 2.4x DL…

I don’t know what’s wrong , but I can tell you there is no special trick to it . I have had no problems (and I use a sony 5 disc cd/dvd player) even when I use memorex (ducking and running)

The reason could be that older standalone (and some of the expensive new ones) cannot read dvd +R, +RW or DL discs. Very often booktype setting makes it possible to cheat these players. Some Lite-on burners allow booktype setting. Afaik, there is a Liteon tool with which you can change booktype and you can also change it with dvd info pro (freeware). If you change the booktype the player will not recognize the burned disc as DL or +R or +RW but as DVD-ROM. This format can be read by all standalone players.

Ok, not sure what to do here I followed the instructions on the booktype to open the decrypter and change it to iso write then right clicked on the on the drive but it says nothing about changing the booktype…I then downloaded the dvd info pro and switched it to read the DVD RW drive and then clicked on booktype and it says this drive does not accept booktype changes. I have the same DVD RW Lite-On 1693s as my brother-n-law so I am sure his will say the same thing about not being able to change the booktype…anyother ideas? Although I can burn DVD +R 4.7gb and able to play in stand alone dvd players, but I have not tried any Dual Layer DVDs in mine as that is all he has tried in his, and he keeps getting bad burns. Only one movie he backed up (polar express) played up to the 14th chapter then started over at main screen, all others he has tried in his Bose (stand alone) just says no disc…

Any Ideas?

Go to the LiteOn forum and get the correct tools. The LiteOns do not like 3rd party tools changing the booktype (at least they didn’t when I had one a few months back). I think there is a tool just for booktype. If not, you can use KProbe to change it.

Here’s the link…

Ok I tried this KProbe to change the book type it says it did but when I do another query it still says DVD +r when I do the Info/Support Media says it can’t run until after the F/W bug is fixed. also under the driver only SPTI is checked and can’t change over to APSI…

My firmware is KS04

My brother-n-laws is KS09 (if I remember correctly with out it being here)

Any Ideas from here?

ok found a program called ImgBurn…Anyone use this? It allows to burn a DVD and it looks just like DVD Decrypter. but allows to change the DVD+R to a DVD-Rom like via the booktype :slight_smile: but wondering do I still need to use DVD Decrypter or should I use a different program now to Decrypt since DVD Decrypter is out of date and does not support updates anymore?

Just wanted to say thanks to the one who tried to help on this topic…

ImgBurn does work 100% as it allows to change the DVD+R DL to read as a DVD-Rom (booktype)…

Still wondering though he is hesitant to do this but if he was to upgrade his firmware would this give him access in Clonedvd2 to change booktype?

Hi, my sister has a bose system too that cant read the dvd+r DL i burn, same problem as yours, i used different burners, different medias (verbatim too), different software, and i can play ALL my DVD+R DL in all my pc dvdrom AND in my old as hell Marantz standalone dvd player.

It must be some Bose specifical problem…did you solve it changing the booktime with ImgBurn?

… i meant booktype…anyway…i checked my dvd+r dl with nero cdspeed and the booktype is correctly set to dvd-rom (pioneer burner does that automatically).

i dunno what the problem is with this bose crapola.

AFAIK CloneDVD2 does not have capability to change Booktype. Per Elby/Slysoft staff posts there are no current plans to add this as a feature.