Is there a torrent program that doesnt reveal you IP address?

I m wondering, is there a torrent program that you know of that doesnt reveal your public IP address? Would be nice to use a P2P without others checking me out.

why not use proxies then?

yes, I have tried that but it slows done the dl using a proxy from “out there”. If you use you own ISP´s proxy, then you get no “masking” of your ip address

Um…If you use the ISP’s proxy, they get the address of the ISP’s proxy … not your IP address.

Iv tried this also but I could aslo see my own IP address. I have a public IP address and that´s the one I saw. I have also tried masking programs but that doesnt work very well. I found a torrent site, when downloading, it would show you your IP address, it also showed it when I was using my ISP proxy.

I dont want my IP address shown at all.

You may be able to see it, but the other end won’t if you use a proxy.

so now for a really stupid question. How do I use a proxy?

grab proxies from here you are looking for http ssl proxies.

then go to your internet connection and add the proxy in there, unless your client allows you to add the proxy in the client itself.

its a bit more compliated then that but not too much.

just ask proxy4u guys and they will help you out

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

kno the post was quite a while ago now but… u would need an anonymous proxy for it to work wouldnt u? cos some proxies are transparent which is prob y u could see ur ip address still when u used ur ISP’s one… did u manage to hide ur ip address in the end without compromising ur speed??

I found this again (old thread I know, but found it on Google), I saw in the news people are indeed logging Bittorrent software. I want to hide myself, is there something better already?