Is there a tool to create in a easy way playlist files for my .m2ts files?

Is there a tool to create in a easy way playlist files for my .m2ts files?


I want to create a Blue Ray Disk with more than one .m2ts files. For
example all specials of Lord of the Ring and Hobbit. When I put all my
.m2ts files into the Stream folder my Blu-Ray Player only plays the
first file and I have no chance to start the others. Is there a tool to
create in a easy way playlist files for my .m2ts files? Or have you
another solution for my problem. I dont want to modify video and audio
settings from my .m2ts files.

DVDFab Blue Ray Creator for example changes my audio to ac3… :frowning:


You can use tsMuxeR to create a new Blu-ray structure from your individual m2ts files. Set output in tsMuxeR to Blu-ray disc. You won’t get a menu, so there is no way to select individual m2ts files after it finishes the new structure, it will just play them one after another seamlessly, and in fact, it may only output one m2ts file in the new disc. It will produce a new mpls file as well.

There will be no changes to the video or audio codecs.

Thanks Kerry56!
I will test it

I joined my .m2ts files with tsMux into one File nd create a Blue ray Folder.
The audio is correct in the first Part,
but on the second Part/File and after the audio is corrupt and postponed.

I tried importing two different m2ts files into one compilation without joining and only got the first m2ts file into the new Blu-ray. Not sure why that happened. I’m trying again, joining the second to the first to see what happens.

If this doesn’t work there are other ways around this, provided the files are encoded the same. If each m2ts file is a complete movie and encoded with the same specifications, you can join them in MKVToolnix and make one giant MKV file. Test to make sure video/audio sync is kept, then import the giant MKV file into tsMuxeR to put it back into Blu-ray format.

All right, joining the second to the first worked perfectly. No problems with playback or sync.

If the two m2ts files differ in how they are encoded, you will experience problems. So they have to have the same resolution, frame rate, and audio and video codecs. Examine yours with MediaInfo to see if you can find differences.

THX @Kerry56
Thank you for your efforts,
I will test MKVToolnix today on evening.

I cant see differences for my files in MediaInfo. The merge with mkvtoonix was successful and the mkv was good. But after converting the mkv with tsmux to BlueRay Folder the Audio is postponed/corrupted again. I will test burning the mkv to Blue Ray Disk and will see what happens on the Player.

I wouldn’t burn it unless you have a BD-RE disc, or have plenty of discs to waste. If it is out of sync on the hard drive, it will almost certainly be so on the disc.

I don’t have a solution for you on this, since tsMuxeR is the primary free tool for creating Blu-ray structure, and its used in several other free tools. What format is the audio in right now? Is it DTS-MA or True-HD AC3?

As I said before, my attempts to combine Blu-ray movies worked well in tsMuxeR once I remembered to join them in that program.

I have found another chance to solve the problem. I create a Blue.Ray Folder with tsMux for each of my two .m2ts files. Than i start multiAVCHD and load both Folders. There is a Option to merge Playlists and i get a Folder with both .m2ts files and a Playlist for that.

Now the only thing I have to find out is to copy that STREAM Folder and playlist in a Blue-Ray Folder with Object.bdmv, becouse the multiAVCHD Output is a structure without that and my Player shows the multiAVCHD Output as a Data Disk and not a Blue-Ray.
Kind Regards