Is there a time limit on how long you should keep data on a CD?

Is there a time limit on how long you should keep data on a CD?Are some CDs better quality than others? I see some that are different colors, what dose the color mean?
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I think that if you read in this forum, you will learn that there is a difference in media. High quality media not only give less errors, but last longer too. Some brands guarantee a certain pifetime, even when exposed to direct sunlight (once saw a Philips CD that guaranteed quality after being exposed to direct sunlight for 100 hours)

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General wisdom is that those CDR’s with higher error rates will be the first to fail, which is why we do all the testing here. Some dye types are reputed to be more stable than others, but each of the CDR makers use slightly different formulas that stablize the dye, so no generalizations are possible. If you are storing data on CDR, you should check them every 6-12 months for increased errors, and ALWAYS have 2 copies of your data. As Tax pointed out, the life your disc leads affects it’s reliability, be nice to them:
Keep them in jewel cases, away from heat and light.
Last but not least, never assume that because a brand has been good to you in the past that you don’t need to test it.

I used to backup the same data onto two different CD-R media. Ritek and Taiyo Yuden. Princo and SKC. Samsung and Mitsui. To minimize the chance to lose data. So I often had two or more units of same CD-R drive. Two Mitsumi 16x. Two Lite-On 16x. Three Acer 8x. I’m doing the same with DVD_RW.