Is there a Thank you thread?

Is there a particular thread where you can post a thankyou to members that have been helpfull in one way or another.

I am sure I have seen one but could not find it again. :slight_smile:

Ok I guess there is no such thread? I really thought I had read one here before…

Oh well if you have a particular member here that has been helpful to you for whatever reason and want to let people know post it here!

I’ll start.

I have been testing software that uses the Patin-Couffin Driver (or ccess Layer) and I have been looking for older versions prior to version #137.

Pernal stepped up to the plate and offered to send me a version and I accepted. The email came through and of course Outlook blocked the file…

I had to contact Pernal again and explain and ask if the file could be Zipped or possibly a RAR file so Outlook would not block the file.

Without hesitation Pernal sent me both a Zipped and a RAR file for my use! :D:bow:

I just wanted to thank Pernal for the files with out any questions or hesitation.

Greatly appreciated! :bow:

Maybe a Mod would be so kind as to remove my double post? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=4hams;1937477]Maybe a Mod would be so kind as to remove my double post? Thanks in advance! :)[/QUOTE]

Done :flower:

4hams can you post a link so the rest of us can have these files if it’s ok with the people you got it from of course :flower:

@Arachne, Thanks!

Rolling I do not have the file hosted but send me a PM with your email and I will ZIP or and RAR it and send it on its way! The version I was sent is #135