Is there a successor to the Plex Premium for CD backup?



I’m looking to upgrade from my current combo of Benq 1620 Pro (for DVD burning) and Lite-On 851S (for CD burning and reading). I remember the Plex Premium was renowned for it’s ability to read and burn some really tough protections back in the day. Has anyone taken up the mantle and produced a drive that blows away the competition when handling CD copy protection backups? I’d love to see one that also doubled as a good DVD burner so I could just use a good reading -ROM drive as my 2nd drive.



please check the Plextor section, as there is indeed a new Plextor Premium II on the market.




I’m not so well informed with the newest drives. Could you be more precise about the model you’re talking about. Thanks in advance.


nowadays talking about backups you mostly use emulation so nearly any drive is a good one for backing protected games/software and besides this most new games get released on DVDs where a true backup ‘isn’t possible’ anymore due technical reasons.
For Audio CDs it still dependent on the drive although I’m not well informed in this area because I’m just collecting records.


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Excellent for audio. (& just about everything else CD wise).

Very pricey these days. One of the cheapest “in stock” in the UK today.
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Thanks for the link zebadee. I thought Plextor Premium II was just a synonym for a new model and not really the models name :stuck_out_tongue:


Upon reflection, you’re right- there probably won’t be all that many games released on CD anymore- making my original question moot. If this isn’t too off-topic, what are the prospects for backing up protected DVD games? I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I do know there was some progress being made with seemingly insurmountable CD protections- like measuring the physical angle between sectors and modifying the image to be burned accordingly. Obviously with emerging tech, the rule is never say never, but I’m wondering if there is any reason for optimism beyond that.


The majority of CD/DVD protections used on games/software (SafeDisc, SecuROM, StarForce) on DVDs is still possible but it’s a bit tricky sometimes as you have to use a combination of software. If you want to learn more I suggest you visit the CD & DVD Copy Protection section of cdf.
Back on topic I also own a Plextor Premium and it’s really a nice drive but as I said I would grab your favorite DVDRW drive for example checking the reviews and look for good Audio protection support as for the rest emulation is used ‘1:1’ backup are getting very rare these days and for DVDs it’s ‘not’ possible from my knowledge until today.