Is There a Standard Dataset for Burn Tests?



I see numerous tests here done using the Nero test software. Is there a standard dataset used for these tests or does each person simply accumulate a few gigabytes of random files?


A lot of people just let Nero CD-DVD Speed/DiscSpeed just burn its own “random” files that it creates. [Think of basically a bunch of “random” files of “random” sizes being created & written]. Others actually burn their own data files/videos to disc and test those.

It’s up to you how you want to do it. I suggest browsing the Media Testing/Identifying Software forum to see opinions from various people on which methods of testing are better [but a good bit of it comes down to personal preference].

“random”: no real usable data


I really don’t understand your question, but one thing is sure, nothing is random.


The “normal” way of creating a test CD/DVD is to simply use the [I]Create Disc[/I] feauture in Nero CD-DVD Speed / Nero DiscSpeed. This will burn a disc full of semi-random data.

Some people don’t like to waste discs like this, so they burn actual data on the discs they test, either using the [I]Create Disc[/I] feature with the [I]Burn image[/I] option enabled, or using another burning program.


@ i_am_jim,

Like Forum Member vroom I am unsure of your actual question but perhaps reviewing the N e r o CD-DVD Speed User Guide will be beneficial. The N e r o CD-DVD Speed User Guide is rather extensive and provides detailed information on the use of this diagnostic software utility program.

When reviewing the N e r o CD-DVD Speed User Guide the topic “# 15 Base Test: Disc Quality” details how to perform a ‘Disk Quality Scan’. I might be missing the focus of your quest but I believe how to perform an N e r o CD-DVD Speed ‘Disk Quality Scan’ was you question.

The N e r o CD-DVD Speed software program is available for download at ->



That’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks. I’ve now done some test and posted my results in the burner forum.