Is there a solution to this 2-DVD problem?

I’ve been searching the Net for days and cannot find anything similar to the problem I’ve run into.

I’ve got a 23-month old who loves the Little People (by Fisher-Price). They sell DVDs that have 10 episodes about 5 minutes each, broken down into two themed sections of 5-episodes each. At the start of the DVD, the viewer selects a theme to view it’s 5-episode section to watch, and when completed, the menu reappears and the viewer must select the other theme to view the other 5-episode section. While this is easy to do at home, this is pretty tricky to do while driving and you (as the driver) can’t see the video screen that’s behind your head.

So I thought, why can’t I just burn 2 Little People DVDs onto one DVD, get rid of the theme menus, and get 20 episodes running about 100 minutes, so as not to have to constantly change the DVD while driving? So I did, using the re-author function in DVDShrink, stripping away all menus and extras and just leaving the main movie.

While all 20 episodes are on the single DVD copy, the DVD copy still stops after the 5th episode, in the car or on the home DVD player, just like the originals do.

Any suggestions as to how I can get past the problem of the copy DVD stopping after 5-episodes and play 10 or 20 episodes back-to-back?

(Yawn) Its 1:15 am, I’m going to bed. I have to babysit tomorrow morning while my wife goes shopping with her mom. Fortunately, I’ve got some new Stargates and Battelstar Galactica episodes on DVR to watch, if the rug-rat lets me.

Yes there is a way to join two DVDs in shrink! I have to find the link! Hold on!