Is there a software tha can convert the Windows Data disc

I just got a an IMAC computer and, I am trying to access an windows data disc in an IMAC and it saids “This disc is unreadable by this computer”.
Is there a software for Windows 2000/XP that can burn data to a CD and, make it compatible on an IMAC and/or Windows.
any help will be appreated :slight_smile:

Which OS are you running on your iMac? Ever since before OS9.x there has been a control panel to read PC formatted discs.

I have iMac OS 9.0. Where in control panel can I choose this option???

Actually I think from OS9.x it is built-in:

System folder -> Control Panels -> File Exchange -> PC Exchange tab…

Ok…I’m on PC exchange Tab. What do I do now???

Are the “Map PC extensions to Mac OS filetypes…” and “Open unmapped files on any disk…” boxes checked?

If the CD was written on a PC to ISO9660 standard you should at least be able to see the contents. What type of data is it that you’re trying to read on the Mac (Excel, Word, etc)?

Thanks for the help so far…

Ok, its checked the Map PC extensions to Mac OS filetypes
and, Open unmapped files on any disk. However, It keeps telling me that
"theDisc is unreadable by this computer."

It’s a data CD with w/legally downloaded music files (mp3).
What software can produce an ISO9660 standard burned CD?

Nero will do this. I just checked by burning a CD of .mp3s using the following template settings of Nero, and the CD was recognised on a Mac G4 Powerbook. The files appeared as QuickTime icons with a .mp3 label so it must be possible.

Thanks, I’ll see if that works :slight_smile:


Thank you it worked!!! :bow:
Your a genius!!! :clap:

Glad you got there… :).


Is there a way that this works on Data DVDs?
I tried to do the same on a DVD-R and the iMac OS9 gave me the following
error: “This disc is unreadable by this computer”

Is there a way to do this with Nero?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on whether the iMac model you have is fitted with a DVD-ROM drive. IIRC they only had a CD-ROM as standard.

Are you able to play a commercial pressed DVD in it?

Yeah it can play DVDs as well as recorded DVDs like DVD-R & DVD+R too. It’s a ATAPI_DVD-ROM drive.

OK well it should be the same as for CD-ROMs then. Haven’t tried it yet but this is the ISO tab of the ‘New Compilation’ window for Nero:

OK, I tried it and, It does not work.
The iMac computer OS9.0.4 simply ejects the DVD Data disc with the message
"The Disc is unreadable by this computer". If you manage to get it to work
let me know what you did, thanks.

I would try with the UDF/ISO template or create an Hybrid CD/DVD by using MacHFS also.

What software has the MacHFS??
Is this program for windows or imac os 9?

HFS is the standard format for MACs.
I thought that should be even possible with Nero, but maybe I was wrong…

It works!! It works with DVD-R not DVD+R. All I needed was DVD-R media and the iMac see the DVD-R data discs just fine. Only one problem is I can’t copy the DVD-R Data to the harddrive. It saids: “Read errors”