Is there a simple way to burn 1 mp3 to CD-A as multiple tracks?


I record lectures for web delivery to elderly shut-ins. Many would like to burn the audio file to CD to listen, as opposed to streaming off the web. Since they are downloading and burning a single 1-hour mp3 they wind up with a CD with one long track. This makes interrupting and resuming a real pain.

I’d like to find a SIMPLE way to burn a single mp3 file as an audio CD with track breaks every 5 minutes or so. The best solution would be for some sort of burning software that could read embedded ID3 info to determine at what exact times to place the track breaks.

This is really a yes/no kind of question I suppose. I can come up with many possible solutions using off-the-shelf and even freeware applications. The difficulty here is the degree of ease of use. This is not software for me; this is software for the elderly and the infirm. Getting them to find the stream online or download the mp3 has been an amazingly long and difficult process. I cannot even expect them to successfully download multiple individual tracks successfully. And to expect them to use something like Sound Forge or Audacity or even CD Architect is completely out of the question.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I suspect strongly that there is no drag-and-drop solution for the end user, but I figured if a product existed that you folks would be among the first to know.


Hi and Welcome!

if you offer your stuff for download, you might also provide a cue sheet for that big mp3 file.
This .cue file could be loaded into Nero (“burn image”) or burrrn in order to burn an audio CD with the single tracks defined in the .cue file.

Look here about more information:

You might also have a look at mp3direct cut, maybe this is something near to what you want :wink: