Is there a review for the BenQ 1650?



Hi all I see alot of reviews for other burners, but I was wondering if there is one for the 1650? I did a search, but I got an errored page so no luck. I plan on making a purchase probablly tomorrow. I’m leaning towards the BenQ 1650, then Pionneer 111D, and then the lg H10a in that order. I’m mainly concered about fast ripping, and qualilty burns from dvd-r. Anyways just wondering if there is a review. If I don’t post back it’s because i’ve been hauled off to the loonie bin from going crazy from reading reviews and scans. I have no idea what those scan’s are but I’m seeing them in my dreams now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Philips 1660… the thread above this.